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AICRAG was established in 1997 by a group of experimented Sales & Marketing professionals. Since then, AICRAG has offered a complementary services portfolio to companies aiming to Assess, Deploy & Grow new business globally to enter and positioning effectively in foreign and in country markets. Head Office is located in Santiago de Chile, having formal business associates and partners located in the most important countries & markets around the world.


AICRAG aims to provide very tailored & specialized Win to Win Global Business Development services. We will act efficiently and professionally, always motivated to provide the highest level of service to our clients and focused on his business objectives achievement. Furthermore, we strive to achieve excellence through the continuous improvement of the processes of work.


Our Approach

  1. Truly understand our client´s needs and expectations

  2. Provide the clients with detailed project schedule and performance metrics.

  3. Ensure clear and timely communication with clients throughout the project lifecycle.

  4. Provide clients with one-stop and in-depth services, leverage upon client’s resource, knowledge and investment.



Business Assessment
Business Execution
Business Expansion
Sales Mgmt
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Aksert’ goal is to improve your business and give you access to the global business environment, technologies, services and products.We work personally with you to customize solutions to your challenges and efficiently lead you to new markets, products and services.

Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd (UC) is an Execution Consulting Firm has a large team of qualified professionals with functional and industry expertise across its  offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. We assist clients on their various issues, leveraging our industry knowledge, deep execution skills and thorough analysis to help them achieve their goals, and further implement their plans.

Devmar International is a sales outsourcing company based in Paris, France and covering a large spectrum of industries (Telcos, Banking, Hotels, Retail, Energy, Industrial Goods, etc...).

Main goal is to help our clients expand their reach by finding independent sales agents/companies or sales partners (2,300 agents worldwide to date) who will help develop their existing market.

WOS final Logo.png

World of Sales is a French based company, whose mission is to bring growth to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and startups by taking charge of their international development between the Americas and Europe. At World of Sales, we want long-term relationships with our customers and we start by listening to them before any proposal is made to ensure that it will be adapted to their ambitions, their market and their products. 

Singaporean-led company operating from China providing supply chain and management services with our proven track records and expertise in setting up representative offices, manufacturing facility, joint ventures and sourcing operations.



AICRAG has developed complex global business projects, through delivering qualified business services to our clients helping to achieve their corporate goals, based on plans and strategies developed by AICRAG, as the following success stories.

- Introduction and development of frozen fruits market in Brazil through the marketing of white label products in large supermarkets, building a sustenaible growth demand for these products in the Brazilean consumer.

- Evaluation of a Latinoamerica Regional Telecomm company adquisition (due diligence), including accounting analysis (assets&liabilities), customers contracts, market opportunities and price offering. 

- Prospection and introduction of global provider of servers for load IT balancing solutions in the Chilean and Peru market, evaluating, qualifying and presenting potential local distributors with in country presence and support to our client.

- Study and deep analysis of market size and opportunities in Latinomérica of Ethanol and derivates, especially in Brazil and Mexico, for the development and implementation of international projects for the extraction and processing of gas in the region

- Introduction of well reputed Air Purifiers in Chilean market, assessing the market needs, local regulations and competitors, delivering our client a detailed plan and business strategies to achieve the corporate goals.  



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